Instant copy and paste across all your devices

Keep anything. Remember everything.

From a one-time bit of information, to that document you need to retrieve every day, CopyCopy keeps it all for you in one place.

Everything you copycopy is saved in your account, ready for when you need it most, from any device.

Ever Wish Your Phones and Computers Worked Better Together?

Is your digital life split between your phone, tablet, and various computers?
Ever wish the content you have here could simply be accessible there!?

Just copycopy anything and it’s universally available on all your devices – instantly!

    You can:
  • Take a photo on your phone and use it on any of your computers in a flash!
  • Push files between all your devices.
  • Copy phone numbers on your desktop and dial instantly on your phone.
  • Copy a link between browsers on different devices.
  • Much, much, more ...

A cloud clipboard that respects your privacy

Your regular copy-and-paste will continue to work as before and won’t send stuff to the cloud.

CopyCopy's patent-pending technology makes it simple to universally copy stuff just by copying twice, or clicking a pop-up button.

Recall anything from any device using keywords.

It's the fastest way to instantly recall stuff that you find yourself typing out again and again, like membership numbers, cumbersome addresses, your favourite links, or social security numbers.

Just assign a short alias (e.g. "visa") to any copycopy (e.g. your credit card number), and you can paste it on any device at any time just by copying the alias word. (Patent pending.)

The CopyCopy app is available
for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Mac, Chrome and Firefox.