Permissions used by the Android app

When you install the CopyCopy app for Android, you will be asked whether you want to allow us to access certain features on your device. You can only install the app if you allow us to use all these features.

We only ask for permissions that we believe will improve your CopyCopy experience. Below we list all of the permissions we ask for, and explain why we ask for them.

Core permissions

  • Identity (find accounts on your device). We require the identity permission to display notifications about new clips. This should only be required for Android "Jelly Bean" and earlier, however, due to a bug with Google Play if we do not ask for this permission on newer devices, Android will keep bugging you to give us this permission.
  • Photos/Media/Files (access your USB storage). This allows CopyCopy to download clips to your device (for example when you save them). Downloaded files can then be opened in other apps, so that you can (for example) edit a document you copied.
  • Internet (full network access). Allows us to upload your copies, so that they can be pasted on other devices.
  • Run at startup. To ensure that you receive notifications about new clips as soon as soon as possible, we need to be able to run at startup.
  • Draw over other apps. Allows us to display a CopyCopy button on the screen when you copy content from any other app. This button disappears after a few seconds and can be disabled in the options.

Phone History permissions

We request the permissions below purely for your convenience, so that you can more easily copy web sites you have visited, contacts, text messages and phone call information from one central place. It is much simpler for example to copy a text message from the Phone History, than trying to select text in the messaging app. We don't send any of this personal information to our servers unless you explicitly CopyCopy it.
  • Device & app history (read your Web history). In the Phone History we include recent web pages that you have visited so that you can easily copy them. These can be filtered out.
  • Contacts (read your contacts). So we can include the name of a caller or texter when you copy a SMS (text message) or phone call.
  • SMS (read your text messages). So we can include recent SMS (text messages) in the Phone History to allow one-click copying. These can be filtered out.
  • Phone (read your call log). In the Phone History, we also include recent phone calls that you have made so you can easily copy a phone number or contact that you've recently chatted with. These can also be filtered out.